• Diamond

    Diamond Clingless Curtain Keeper will be your best friend once you start to shower with these Diamonds.  Enjoy your shower again knowing that Curtain Keeper Diamonds will help you feel like a queen!

    Whether you have a clawfoot tub shower curtain or installing on standard shower stalls, it's an eye catching style to compliment your decor.

  • Round

    Our Round style as a touch of a modern look and is currently offered in White, Brush Nickel and Stainless. Clingless Curtain Keeper works well with any existing shower curtain weights and helps keep water from leaking outside a shower curtain with or without a shower splash guard.
  • Square

    Clingless Curtain Keeper is hip to be Square! Clingless Curtain Keeper helps stop the curtain from clinging to you and compliments a magnetic shower curtain or heavy shower curtain.