If you are looking to improve your bathroom appearance, you may already know that making changes to your shower or bathtub basin can be one of the most grueling challenges. Some considerations can lead to painstaking projects that can be time consuming and expensive. For example,…

You may have considered replacing your existing bathtub with a glass shower stall.

While this project can offer a nice presentation and a break from the notorious shower curtain cling experience, it may not be practical for various reasons… especially if you are renting.

Some setbacks to this task may include the cost of installation, the footprint of your bathroom, and the downtime while undergoing the task. Of course, there is also the additional glass cleaning involved after installation that turns off many people in addition to sacrificing some of your privacy.

Before making a permanent alteration to your bathroom, we would like to offer an inexpensive alternative to enhance your overall experience and presentation.

Clingless Curtain Keeper provides up to 25% more shower space without ‘shower curtain cling’ and adds luster by selecting the style that fits your style. As a bonus…

Installation can be finished in a matter of seconds, not days… weeks… or even months!