If you are looking for the inexpensive and practical solution to stop the shower curtain / liner from blowing inwards while showering and attacking, you came to the right place.

First, you may be wondering why the shower curtain is attacking you so let me summarize that in the section below.

What Causes the Shower Curtain to Blow Inwards?

The phenomenon that describes how the shower curtain blows in while running water in a shower is commonly called the Shower Curtain Effect, also known as Shower Curtain Cling. Although there have been many theories debated over the years, there are a several hypotheses that give the best explanation.

The Buoyancy hypothesis, aka Chimney effect, describes how warm air rises up and over the shower curtain while cooler air from the bottom replaces this void causing the shower curtain to be pushed in. This does give an explanation when showering with hot water, although the event still occurs when using cold water.

The Bernoulli hypothesis give further insight by pointing out that the increase of velocity caused by water rushing through a shower head decreases air pressure parallel to it. The lower air pressure inside the shower stall with then result in the shower curtain being sucked in.

The combination of the above two hypotheses working together paints a good picture to explain the event of the shower curtain effect.

Shower Curtain Rises on Ig NobelsThere is also the Horizontal vortex hypothesis that uses computational fluid dynamics to illustrate a horizontal vortex instead of the above-mentioned hypothesis that won the 2001 IG Nobel Prize in Physics. But, you can read a little more about that by clicking here

Now that you have a better understanding of why Shower Curtain Cling takes place, let’s discuss the possible solutions.


What is the Best Solution to Shower Curtain Cling?

For temporary solution, you may have already tried different methods like adjusting your curtain rod, installing suction cups, balancing weights (like shampoo bottles) on the edge of your tub to keep your liner in place, etc… If so, you likely had experienced frustration along the way and given up on these ideas.

Bathroom renovation with glass shower doors is an alternative that can be quite expensive. Many bathroom remodeling projects can cost between $10k-$25k along with down time of days, weeks, or months until complete. While a complete renovation may be out of the question for many people, other solutions like installing special shower curtain rods and special hook typically still require some type of permanent or cumbersome installation in your bathroom.

Clingless Curtain Keeper offers a practical and affordable solution that can be used with Any Bathtub / Shower and Any type of Shower Curtain / Liner. It takes only seconds to install with No Tools Required.

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