You may not think much about your shower curtain -- until you actually step into the shower. The way it clings to you if you get too close, the challenge in keeping water from going all over the bathroom and the work it takes to keep it clean -- all these prevent you from enjoying your shower like you could.

Clingless Curtain Keeper is a new solution that can keep you from worrying about your shower curtain and its ineffective liner. When water falls from the shower head, it creates a small area of low pressure that pulls the curtain liner into the shower space, towards you. But Clingless, which sticks to the outside of your bathtub or shower, provides greater force that keeps the curtain from billowing inwards.

Why Fixing a Small Inconvenience is Worthwhile

Ramit Sethi, author of "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" and expert in living a good life, wrote a recent column about how the little things really do matter, “You shouldn’t be annoyed” — BUT I AM

"Combine [one small problem] with 50 other tiny annoyances... and suddenly you have a day filled with little inefficiencies," he said. "Fifty small sighs at things that aren't individually that bad... but add up to a day filled with mental clutter."

Don't let your shower curtain be one of the small things that creates inefficiencies in your life. That's where Clingless comes in.

11 Reasons to Go Clingless

Here's 11 ways that Clingless works to keep your shower as efficient and pleasant as possible:

  1. Less Cling: Clingless* Curtain Keeper solves the problem of the shower curtain liner billowing inward and touching you as you shower. You'll feel better without having to fight the slimy liner over and over again.
  2. More Space: Get up to 25 percent more shower space. Clingless* pulls the shower curtain liner to the outside edge of the bathtub giving you more space and elbow room.
  3. Safety: Keeps your liner in place preventing water from splashing onto the floor causing a slippery condition.
  4. Damage Control: In addition to fighting off slippery conditions, using Clingless* minimizing standing water on your bathroom floor will help minimize the chance of costly floor repair.
  5. Adds Style: Add a delicate touch of class to complement your bathroom décor by choosing from a selection of styles to fit your unique look and feel.
  6. Less Friction: The tear drop shape weight was designed with form and function in mind. Evenly distributed weights work quietly while opening and closing your shower curtain.
  7. No More Flapping: Clingless* helps to pull the shower curtain liner ends back, so the edges of the shower liner are no longer flapping towards you.
  8. Ease of Change: Replaceable design covers allows you to match your look and colors to match your preference. There are currently nine different styles to choose from with more on the way.
  9. Road Worthy: Do you enjoy traveling? Take Clingless* along on your road trip for use at hotels, motels, resorts, or any place you stay to avoid the unnecessary contact with a shower curtain that a stranger most likely did not.
  10. Easy Installation: Clingless only takes seconds to install and requires ZERO tools. It uses special connectors to snap against your liner and stays there until you are ready to take it off.
  11. Sanitary: Shower liners show that they collect bacteria, germs, and an array of other un-pleasantries. Avoid unnecessary contact by using Clingless* Curtain Keeper.

Try Clingless today with our risk-free money back guarantee... Go Clingless!