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Bathroom Tips and Tricks: 10 Ways to Use Vinegar for a Natural Clean

10 Ways to Use Vinegar for a Natural Clean

For this bathroom tip, we're going to look at ten things you can clean in your bathroom using vinegar either by itself, or combined with another natural cleansing agent (like baking soda).


Vinegar has been proven to be an effective killer of household pathogens. In some instances, it can safely be used as a bleach alternative when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting.


Here are ten ways to clean your bathroom using standard household Distilled White Vinegar:

11 Reasons to Go Clingless

You may not think much about your shower curtain -- until you actually step into the shower. The way it clings to you if you get too close, the challenge in keeping water from going all over the bathroom and the work it takes to keep it clean -- all these prevent you from enjoying your shower like you could.

Clingless Curtain Keeper is a new solution that can keep you from worrying about your shower curtain and its ineffective liner. When water falls from the shower head, it creates a small area of low pressure that pulls the curtain liner into the shower space, towards you. But Clingless, which sticks to the outside of your bathtub or shower, provides greater force that keeps the curtain from billowing inwards.

How to Stop your Shower Curtain from Blowing In

The phenomenon that describes how the shower curtain blows in while running water in a shower is commonly called the Shower Curtain Effect, also known as Shower Curtain Cling. Although there have been many theories debated over the years, there are a several hypotheses that give the best explanation. 

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